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Used in 2-dimensional clusters to write signs.

Category 5: Body

Torso movement, shoulders, hips, and the limbs are used in Sign Languages as a part of grammar, especially when describing conversations between people, called Role Shifting, or making spatial comparisons between items on the left and items on the right.

SymbolGroup Table

SymbolSymbolGroupNameSymbol IDSymbol KeyUnicode PUAUTF-8

BaseSymbol Table

SymbolBaseSymbolNameSymbol IDSymbol KeyUnicode PUAUTF-8Valid FillsValid Rotations
BaseSymbol_631Limb Combinations05-02-001-01S376U+FDAA6󽪦11 - 16
BaseSymbol_632Limb Length 105-02-002-01S377U+FDAA7󽪧1, 21 - 16
BaseSymbol_633Limb Length 205-02-002-02S378U+FDAA8󽪨1, 21 - 16
BaseSymbol_634Limb Length 305-02-002-03S379U+FDAA9󽪩1, 21 - 16
BaseSymbol_635Limb Length 405-02-002-04S37aU+FDAAA󽪪1, 21 - 16
BaseSymbol_636Limb Length 505-02-003-01S37bU+FDAAB󽪫1, 21 - 16
BaseSymbol_637Limb Length 605-02-003-02S37cU+FDAAC󽪬1, 21 - 16
BaseSymbol_638Limb Length 705-02-003-03S37dU+FDAAD󽪭1, 21 - 16
BaseSymbol_639Fingers05-02-004-01S37eU+FDAAE󽪮1 - 61 - 16

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